Samsung DeX stands for Desktop eXperience and allows you to use your Samsung tablet or smartphone much like a desktop computer by enabling the device to connect to an external monitor. This can be done via a USB-C adapter, a USB-C hub, or even a USB-C docking station. Some examples of compatible devices are Samsung’s Galaxy S series phones, the Galaxy Z Fold series, the Galaxy A90 (5G), and many S-series tablets.

There are several benefits when using DeX, such as connecting to a portable touchscreen monitor utilizing an on-screen keyboard, complete with resizable windows, drag-and-drop features, and desktop icons. The DeX interface looks and feels the same as popular operating systems, giving you full control of your smartphone or tablet in a desktop environment. For this reason, DeX has become popular among many mobile professions, such as social media management, virtual personal assistants, marketing coordinators, and journalists.

What makes DeX even more appealing is the ability to add a docking station or hub to connect additional devices, such as a wired keyboard, mouse, gigabit ethernet, and external storage. 

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Samsung DeX running on the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra and the UDS-7IN1

One example is the UDS-7IN1, where you can use the dock to place your smartphone or tablet on the stand while connected to an external monitor. With the UDS-7IN1, you can connect USB devices, utilize SD cards from cameras, or even connect a pair of headphones for those days when you need extra focus while working in a mobile environment. 

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Left: Portable SSD connected to one of the UDS-7IN1's USB-A ports | Right: Host USB-C connection and SD card of the UDS-7IN1

Other popular Plugable products used with mobile devices and DeX include the USBC-7IN1E, the USBC-4IN1, the USB4-HUB3A, and even the powerhouse Thunderbolt 4 dock, the TBT4-UD5

Click below to learn more about setting up your Samsung DeX-enabled device with the UDS-7IN1.

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If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to comment below or reach out to our Support team at to see if a DeX solution is right for you. 

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