In the era of remote work, maintaining a fluid and productive work environment is more vital than ever.  Connecting with the right devices can enhance your remote work experience, keeping you engaged and organized. This post delves into three must-have USB connectivity gadgets designed to boost productivity while working remotely: docking stations, USB-C multiport adapters, and chargers.

Laptop Docking Stations

Transform your laptop into a potent workstation with a laptop docking station. It’s an easy way to connect your laptop to multiple peripherals—everything from monitors and keyboards to external storage devices and SD cards. Here, we will focus on two well-known technologies that enable this: Thunderbolt and DisplayLink.

Thunderbolt Docking Stations

Harness the power of a single cable with Thunderbolt docking stations to transfer data, video, and power. These stations support various features, such as multiple 4K 60Hz displays and various peripherals, including USB-C and USB-A devices and SD card readers. Plugable’s Dual Display Thunderbolt 4 & USB4 11-in-1 docking station excels in this category.

Plugable's Top Thunderbolt ⚡️ Pick:

Buy the Plugable Thunderbolt 4 & USB4 HDMI Docking Station with 96W Charging
List Price: $289.95

DisplayLink Powered Docking Stations

DisplayLink docking stations offer expansive connectivity options without necessitating a Thunderbolt or USB4 connection on the host laptop. They are generally more affordable and compatible with a broader range of devices.

DisplayLink powered docks are excellent for Apple M1 and M2 users, providing a solution to Apple's single external display limitation.

M1/M2, M1/M2 Pro, and M1/M2 Pro chips

Plugable's Top DisplayLink Pick:

Buy the Plugable USB-C Triple 4K Monitor Docking Station with 100W Laptop Charging
List Price: $249.95

USB-C Multiport Adapters

USB-C multiport adapters are a compact solution for on-the-go remote workers, offering essential connectivity features such as HDMI, additional USB ports and Ethernet in a pocket-sized package. These adapters are essential for remote workers who need much of the connectivity provided by a traditional docking station, but in a package that is small enough to easily stow in their laptop bag when working on the go.

Plugable's Multiport Pick:

Buy the Plugable 4-in-1 USB-C Hub with 4K HDMI, 100W Charging
List Price: $28.95

GaN Powered Chargers

Keep your devices charged efficiently with GaN (Gallium Nitride) chargers, which are smaller and more powerful than their silicon counterparts. GaN chargers are a game-changer for remote workers, minimizing charging time remarkably.

Plugable Picks for Power:

The PS-EPR-140C1 delivers up to 140W of power to supported devices like Apples M2 MacBooks. When paired with Apples MagSafe charging cable the PS-EPR140C1 charger will charge from 0-100% in around 90 minutes.

Buy the Plugable 140W USB-C GaN Power Adapter
List Price: $49.95

The latest addition to Plugable's charging lineup, the PS-30C1W is a 30W GaN charger that delivers quick, intelligent power to your iPhone, tablet or other USB-C device.

Buy the Plugable GaN USB-C Charger Block, 30W - White
List Price: $19.95

With the proper connectivity devices at your disposal, remote workers can continue to be productive in any setting.

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