Having a reliable means to charge your phone isn't just a luxury; it's a necessity. Factor in the tablet, laptop, and other devices you’re carrying around, and suddenly, keeping everything charged is a full-time job. 

But what if there was one charger that understood all your devices' unique charging needs and adjusted accordingly? A charger that assures you of quick yet safe charging at home, at an airport, on a cruise, or anywhere you are. That’s what Plugable's range of USB-C chargers and accessories promises - a trustworthy companion to charge any USB device.

The Future of Charging is Here, and it is GaN

Powered by gallium nitride (GaN) technology, meet the PS-EPR-140C1, a charging block smaller yet mightier than the others, staying cool to the touch while quick-charging your devices, including the latest MacBooks and iPhones. Its intelligent power negotiation ensures the correct wattage for each device; no guesswork on your part.

Thumbnail image showing PS-EPR-140C1 with text stating The Future-Proof USB-C Charger From Plugable
Picture this: Your MacBook charged from 0% to 100% in just 87 minutes. If that's not fast, we don't know what is.

Buy the Plugable 140W USB-C GaN Power Adapter
List Price: $49.95

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Travel Light, Charge Fast

For individuals always on the go, the PS-30C1W offers not just portability but intelligent charging that caters to your device's exact needs. Its pocket-sized design and flip-up prongs mean it can slide into the smallest spaces, ready to provide a quick power boost whenever needed.

Your Portable Powerhouse

The PS1-CA1, the master of adaptability, converts a single A/C outlet into a versatile charging station, ready to power up various devices from laptops to phones. It's not just a charging block; it's a compact powerhouse that promises you won't be left scavenging for outlets in crowded spaces.

Knowledge is Power

Pair your charger with the USBC-METER3-1MF, a high-performance USB-C extension cable that brings data transfer and charging to a new frontier. A built-in power meter gives you real-time data on your device's charging status. That charge isn’t just fast, it’s smart, too.  And at 3.3 feet (1m), it brings convenience to your fingertips.

Next up, the USBC-VAMETER3 is your go-to gadget to monitor the health of your charging ecosystem. Offering insights on device voltage and amperage during charging allows you to monitor your device’s draw and overall power health. This handy device contains a useful toggle switch to change the screen orientation, making it easy to use regardless of where your USB-C ports are located.

Charge with Confidence, Charge with Plugable

Whether at home orchestrating a symphony of devices or on the road with a bag full of tech goodies, with Plugable's USB-C chargers and accessories, you charge with power and confidence.


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