The 140W GaN Charger for All Your USB-C Devices

The USB-C charger that came with your laptop is fine, but it isn’t your only option. Maybe you’ve lost it, you want a spare, or you just want a charger that’s a little smaller, a little cooler to the touch, and a little more future-proof. The Plugable 140W USB-C GaN Power Adapter (PS-EPR-140WC1) has you covered. 

140W Extended Power Range

Delivering up to 140W Power Delivery (PD) the USB-C Charger negotiates with your device to deliver the optimal charging level. What does “up to” really mean? In this case, it means the charger is sort of future-proof. If the device you’re charging now only supports 65W, that’s what the charger delivers. But if your next device needs more power, it can have as much as it needs—up to 140W for fast charging.

GaN Technology Performs Better

The PS-EPR-140WC1 is built on GaN technology, and that has a few benefits. For starters, it’s 14% smaller than the Apple equivalent—despite having identical Power Delivery specifications. And it’s more efficient, so it stays cooler to the touch. 

This charger has a bevy of safety features, too, like over-voltage protection, over-current protection, and even short-circuit protection.

Future Proof Compatibility

Featuring the highest standards of USB Power Delivery 3.1 and support for EPR, this future-proof power adapter is compatible with laptops, tablets, and phones up to 140W. 

While only a few laptops on the market support EPR charging, such as the newer generation 16” MacBook Pro, this power adapter has been designed to work with devices still in development. 

To achieve the maximum 140W charging rates on current 140W Macs, the power adapter needs to be paired with a MagSafe cable (not included). This is because most USB-C connectors are limited to 100W charging. Windows systems that charge at 140W via USB-C are expected in 2023 and beyond. Using safe power negotiations, the power adapter will optimize the charging speeds no matter the device.

Quick Charge

Short on time? The PS-EPR-140WC1 utilizes intelligent charging to deliver optimal power so you’re always getting the best charging rates for your system. For reference, you can charge a 16” MacBook Pro from 0% to 50% in as quick as 26 minutes. And if you have a little more time, go from 0% to 100% in 90 minutes using a MagSafe cable.

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