UPDATE – The first in our series of Win 10 specific posts in regard to our USB docking stations and USB video adapters is here  https://archive.plugable.com/2015/07/27/windows-10-and-plugable-docking-stations-usb-graphics-adapters/

The latest version of Windows, Windows 10, will be released by Microsoft on July 29th and will be offered as a free upgrade to all current users of Windows 7 and Windows 8: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/windows-10-faq

Windows 10 desktop

As the upgrade is free, Microsoft is expecting rapid, wide adoption from the public. So what does that mean to both current and future Plugable customers? As with most questions, there is both a short and long answer…

Short Version: Plugable intends to support all of our current products for use with Windows 10, with some caveats.

Long Version: Operating systems like Windows and Mac OS X are huge efforts and represent hundreds of thousands of people-hours of development time. As great as both Microsoft and Apple are at designing software, when such large projects are released there are always teething problems. Some hardware and software may not work as expected, while some hardware and software may not work at all. Regardless of the issues, over time and with help, most of them will be fixed by Microsoft or the other vendors.

What does that mean to users of Plugable products? We have done our best in the run-up to the release of Windows 10 to test extensively and identify issues. The results so far look pretty good, with the exception of some new problems for USB graphics devices which appeared in the very last Windows 10 pre-release build (10240).

The real-world tests will begin after July 29th when hundreds of thousands of users along with their hundreds of thousands of Plugable products put them to use on an almost infinitely diverse array of systems running Windows 10. Nothing humankind has made is perfect and Windows 10 will be no exception, but as always we will be here to help and cement our reputation for not only having great products but also a great support team.

As with an major operating system upgrade, if you depend on your Windows system to ‘just work’, we suggest holding off on upgrading to Windows 10 for now. If you are an early adopter, be prepared for the possibility of teething problems. If you do encounter issues, we’ll do our best to help as we will be experiencing the same pain along with you and we’ll do our best to make it subside.

In the coming days we will be publishing a series of posts detailing some of the specific issues you may encounter with the different categories of our products which will hopefully help users avoid or resolve some of the more common issues. We welcome any general questions you have below. If you have a specific issue you would like assistance with, please send us an email at support@plugable.com Thanks for going out of your way for Plugable products!

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