What is Juice Jacking?

Juice Jacking, a growing cybersecurity threat, garnering attention from agencies like the FBI and FCC, has been a hot topic amoung security experts over the last year. However, Juice jacking is not a new issue; and anyone can be affected.

So, what is it? Juice jacking is an attack on a device like a phone or tablet through the USB port. The attack can be used to transmit data to and from your device, install malware, and many other bad actions!

How Does Juice Jacking Work?

Devices like smartphones and tablets with USB ports allow for both charging the device and transmitting data. When you plug your device into a dedicated power supply or charger the data line cuts off and your device simply charges. With public USB ports however, a bad actor could have compromised the port, and turned what was believed to just be a charging port, into a data port.

These days, you can find public USB charging stations just about anywhere. Malls, coffee shops, public buildings and transportation. These public USB outlets may be more convenient than carrying around chargers and other accessories, but the outlets are unprotected against attack.

How Can Juice Jacking Affect Me?

Juice jacking can negatively affect you greatly! While you’re just trying to charge your device, a bad actor could have compromised the public port, and get access to your device. From there, the attacker could load malicious software on your device, take data and files, view saved financial & personal information, and more.

A picture of the Plugable USB-MC1 adapter with a tablet plugged into it, and then into a public USB port for data-blocking charging only.

How Can I Protect My Devices?

Dedicated charging solutions like manufacturer supplied adapters are a surefire way to get a secure, and uncompromised charge. However, carrying around the ABC’s (adapters, batteries, and cables) isn’t always easy, practical, or at times even possible. Major manufacturers like Apple and Samsung have stopped supplying charging adapters with newer devices as well.

Another solution is to use a USB data blocker like our compact, travel-ready charging adapter, the USB-MC1. Available in a new 5-pack, and as a single adapter, the USB-MC1 gives you peace of mind to keep your devices charged at public USB ports, and keep hackers out! If you would like to know more of the technical, details please be sure to head over to the USB-MC1 product details page.

  1. Simply plug your device into the USB-MC1 adapter, and plug the adapter into the public USB port. The adapter completely shuts down the data transmission from the port and turns it into a safe charging only solution!
  2. Take it with you wherever you go, and always have security on your side

Buy the Plugable USB Data Blocker, Protects Against Juice Jacking - 5 Pack
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We're Here To Help!

Juice jacking is a very real threat, and it is important to keep security top of mind when using our devices in public. Dedicated charging devices like wall plugs and power banks are always a safe bet, and our USB-MC1 gives you the power to charge your devices with convenience, and security.

Feel free to reach out to us directly at support@plugable.com with any questions!

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